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About Us


Hello and welcome to Pentland Calisthenics College!

Our College aims to perform as well as we can in our chosen sport, whilst at the same time having a lot of fun and enjoying the wonderful attributes calisthenics has to offer.

One of the special features of any sport is the opportunity to socialise and make new friends. It is the people who participate in a team that make a happy college and add so much to the shared good times.

Pentland Calisthenics College was founded by Heather Anton. Heather had lived in the district for a number of years and was dismayed at the lack of sporting activities for girls in the area. In 1978 she opened Pentland Calisthenics College.

The name was derived from the Pentland Hills near Bacchus Marsh and the first classes were held in Buff’s Hall in Young Street.
Heather was the Principal of the College, coaching all sections from Tinies through to Seniors until 1987. Heather remains a strong supporter of the college and was our first life member.

Nicole Arnold along with Carol Rubidoux then took over the running of the college in 1998 with Nicole remaining Principal Coach until 2002.

The College was then managed by a committee of coaches. Our structure was formalised in 2005 with the college’s incorporation and we have grown to our current committee structure.

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