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All Sections of the College are competitive with the number of competitions entered ranging between 3 and 6 including both CV State Titles and Royal South Street Competitions.
Competitions are an integral part of calisthenics. Not only do they assist in developing confidence; they define what it means to be, and work as part of a team. They are also a reward for many months of practice and rehearsal; and while it is exciting to hear our number called out as results are given, the most important part how we got there - everyone playing their part together.
Parents and friends are encouraged to come and show their support for the students.  In addition, it is a good way to meet and socialise with other parents and teams.  Participants will be admitted free into the competition, while parents and supporters will be required to pay an entry fee.  The competition schedule is usually released in May of each year.
The competition season spans the months of July - October and we expect all team members to participate.  If team members are missing points can be deducted from the performance score or worse case will mean that the team is unable to perform at all.
There will of course be times when there is a clash of commitments and we are very understanding of this. We ask that you inform your coach of known commitments as early as possible.

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