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Graceful Solos and Calisthenic Solos and Duos are for pupils ready to be challenged by way of extending their calisthenic performing experience beyond the team environment.

“Solos” as the word implies, are performed alone on stage, while two participants perform “duos” simultaneously. Competitions are held between March and June and are determined by age, with an open and novice section for each age group.


Girls are invited by the Club via letter to themselves and their parents to perform a Solo/Duo. In order to perform a solo pupils are required to have achieved a certain exam level. This is also dependent on the pupil’s age.

Calisthenic Solos and Duos comprise of free exercise, gymnastic movements, flexibility and ballet dance steps choreographed to music.


Graceful Solos comprise of aesthetic movement, balletic dance and flexibility choreographed to a piece of music similar to aesthetics.

Pupils must show complete commitment and dedication to their teamwork before they will be invited to attempt solo work. 

When first starting out as a solo competitor pupil will compete in the “Novice” section. In the event that they have some success with their performance they will begin to accumulate points. If they gain enough points in a year then they will be elevated to the “Open” section.

For further information, please see your Coach or contact us.

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