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We are extremely proud of the effort our students put in throughout the year. They and their families show  a wonderful committment to Pentland CC.

At our Annual Presentation Night we celebrate the successes of the year with the following awards.

2023 Coaches Awards


​Billie - Encouragement

Amalia - Improvement

Mietta - Consistency

Sub Juniors

Evie – Improvement
Willa - Consistency


Olivia– Improvement
Tilly - Consistency


Paige – Encouragement
Portia - Improvement


Megan - Achievement

Kelsey - Achievement


Tracey – Encouragement
Katie – Achievement
Kristy - Team Spirit

2023 Service Awards

5 Years

Arlia - Juniors

10 Years

Megan - Seniors

Claire - Masters

15 Years

Mackenzie - Seniors

Bec - Seniors

Life Member

Sarah - Seniors

Distinguished Service

Andrea - Committe

Old Collegian Scholarship

Sponsored by the Pentland Calisthenics College Old Collegians these prizes are awarded to two or three of our younger students who show a great amount of potential.

Frankie - Tinies

Eliza - Sub Juniors

Sandra Kepsner Flexibility Award

Sponsored by Sandra Kepsner these are awarded to one student from each class who has shown the greatest improvement in their strength and flexibility.

Hurricane – Sub Juniors
Emma – Juniors
Bec - Seniors

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